Quantock Lodge does us Proud

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1st May 2019

Quantock Lodge does us Proud

5 Newbury Freemasons from Hope Lodge traveled over many borders to visit Quantock Lodge No. 4446, a North Somerset Lodge based in the harbour town of Watchet. We were invited as personal guests of the Worshipful Master (seen here in the background), who is also a Member of Hope Lodge. Worshipful Brother Chris conducted an excellent ceremony of Initiation in front of the Somerset DPGM & Provincial team and a goodly number of members and visitors.

5 Master Masons from Berkshire (sounds familiar?)

Freemasonry has been held at the Watchet Centre since the building was commissioned in 1922, so plans for a centenary celebration are in their early stages – good luck to all at Quantock Lodge.

After the Regular Meeting we were treated to an outstanding festive board.

Mackerel Salad …

First Course

… followed by steak and kidney pie …

second course

… followed by cheese and biscuits …

third course

… there was plenty of second helpings to go around, I just couldn’t fit any more in. Waist band suffering – stuffed!

Thanks for your hospitality Quantock!

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  • Great to see all you chaps down yur in deepest Zummerzet, and so pleased you enjoyed one of Karens smaller meals !!! Chris Crump, WM of Quantock [ and part time Hope member !! ]

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